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Howden Life & Health

Why Howden Life & Health is the new name for Assured Futures

We explain why we’ve got a new name and a new look, but rest assured, that’s the only thing that’s changed! It’s still the great team and service you’ve come to expect from us.

Written by: Ian Sawyer
Published on: 1st November 2023

You may have noticed that we’re looking a little different today. Not only do we have a new website, but also a new name!

We want to share with you why Howden is the new name for Assured Futures, and most importantly what this means for you, our clients. We understand it seems like a big change, but while we may look different, we’re still here to give you the same great service that you’ve come to know and love.

Who are the Howden Group?

Two years ago, we joined the Howden Group. Like Assured Futures and its parentage, A-Plan, Howden is a founder-led business that takes a no-limits approach to delighting and caring for its clients.

David Howden founded the business in 1995 and operated out of an office located in London. He set out on a mission with two friends and his dog to build an insurance business that had clients at the heart of everything it did, and, in addition, could be owned by the people that work in it.

Their aim was to build a business with a difference; one built on trust, friendship, expertise, empowerment, and independence. Though the scale is a little different today, these principles remain at the heart of what sets Howden apart.

The business has grown over the past 30 years and now has global reach with locations around the world. But the ethos hasn’t changed in serving local people, locally.

Howden’s people-first approach matches our own and that’s why it’s a perfect home – and name – for Assured Futures.

Howden Life & Health

Why do we have a new name?

When we joined the Howden family, we said we would change our name when the time was right. Now is that time, and that’s why Howden Life & Health Limited is the new name for Assured Futures as of 1st November.

But rest assured, that’s the only thing that is changing.

Greater access – Howden is a Global brand, but with Howden, A-Plan, Aston Lark Commercial Insurance, Assured Futures and several other brands coming together we have created a collective of experts in every insurance field giving our business and consumer customers access to an unrivalled suite of solutions delivered both nationally and locally. We have over 160 different UK sites with over 100 High Street locations acting as a gateway to an extraordinary range of insurance services.

Howden Life & Health

We’ll continue to open up new branches, so you can easily reach our team, and add to our product range so we can look after everything that is important to you. What’s more, we’ll keep being a part of your community, with more local initiatives as we’ve always done, including school uniform and boot exchanges, business network events, charity fundraising, giveaways, and more.

Further information

Will the rebrand affect my policy?

The only difference you’ll see is the new name of Howden on our covering letters. Insurance policies will not change in any way.

Will I still be dealing with the same team of people?

Yes, there are no changes. You will be dealing with the same great team of people and receive the same excellent service you’ve come to expect from us.

Who is Howden?

Like A-Plan, Howden is a British business that takes a no limits approach to delighting and caring for its clients. It was founded by David Howden and two of his friends in London in 1994. Since then, it has grown to be one of the UK’s largest independent insurance brokers, with offices all over the world that serve local people, locally. The culture hasn’t changed since David started the business – its people-first approach matches our own and that’s why it’s a perfect home for Assured Futures.

Why is Assured Futures rebranding to Howden?

Assured Futures along with its parentage A-Plan joined the Howden family just over two years ago and it now feels like the right time to take on the Howden name. While we take care of you under this new name, we remain true to our roots – caring for our communities with local experts, with local knowledge, their client focus matches our own and that’s why it’s a perfect home for A-Plan and Assured Futures.

Will I see the name of the company on my bank account change? Debit card, credit card and monthly payments?

No, for life and health insurance products direct debits are collected directly by your insurance company, not us your broker.

Will your contact details change?

You’ll be pleased to know that you can still contact the same people in the same way. Our email addresses and telephone numbers will be automatically updated and won’t require any action from you.

Howden Life & Health, the new name for Assured Futures

On November 1st 2023, Assured Futures completed its merger with Howden. For Assured Futures clients, the service remains the same, via your usual contacts. Assured Futures phone numbers and email addresses will continue to work.

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