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This Agreement is between:

HOWDEN LIFE & HEALTH LIMITED (company number 3040737) whose registered office is 1 Creechurch Place, London, EC3A 5AF


The INTRODUCER (details as entered in the ‘submit client details’ page https://leads.howdenlifeandhealth.co.uk/addlead?ref=afl)

Remuneration: It is hereby agreed that Howden Life & Health shall pay the introducer directly by cheque or BACS

Either a 33% share of Howden Life & Health indemnified or first year commission relating for any policy arranged directly as a result of the introduction.

Or 25% of each years new business and renewal commission income for any policy arranged directly as a result of the introduction.

The commission option is to be chosen by the introducer upon each introduction

The following terms and conditions apply:

  1. I/the Company accept the independence of the professional advice of Howden Life & Health and accept that my members clients will receive impartial and confidential advice and are free to choose another health or protection provider.
  2. Howden Life & Health agree to never cross sell any other mortgage, investment or insurance product to clients and will only approach clients in relation to the insurance product the introducer specifies.
  3. Howden Life & Health agree not to reveal any information about clients without the client’s consent
  4. I/the Company accepts that Howden Life & Health will review this agreement every 12 months or earlier if necessary.
  5. I/the Company understand that Howden Life & Health reserve the right not to act for any client at their discretion
  6. I/the Company understand that Howden Life & Health will be transparent about any commission/monies due to both parties
  7. I/the Company will be kept appraised of progress
  8. The client will become Howden Life & Health client for health or protection insurance only and Howden Life & Health will undertake to retain records of business arranged for at least six years.
  9. All rewards paid to the Company will be deemed inclusive of VAT in the absence of written notice to the contrary
  10. This agreement may be terminated, without penalty, by either party giving written notice to the other.
  11. I/the Company agrees to co-operate fully in the investigation and resolution of any complaints from clients.
  12. Howden Life & Health agrees not to market, disclose or otherwise use or process any information about Policyholders (except in the provision of the services under this agreement) without your express written consent and shall not pass on or supply the name or identity of or any other information about the Policyholder to any person or entity to enable or otherwise assist any person or entity to solicit or endeavour to solicit any customer for the purpose of offering them any kind of non-medical/health insurance or financial services of any kind.
  13. Both parties agree to be bound to the above terms
  14. The introducer agrees not to advise on behalf of or represent Howden Life & Health in the course of their activities.

Howden Life & Health, the new name for Assured Futures

On November 1st 2023, Assured Futures completed its merger with Howden. For Assured Futures clients, the service remains the same, via your usual contacts. Assured Futures phone numbers and email addresses will continue to work.

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